Most construction projects start off with site clearing. This is where the land is cleared and prepared for construction. This can include surveying, excavation, land grading, and more. While it sounds straightforward—clear the site—there are some common complications that can turn what seems like a simple, straightforward job into a complicated and expensive undertaking. Tucker Paving has nearly 30 years in the paving construction industry, including Earthworks like site clearing, and we’ve seen our fair share of complicated site clearing jobs. See the five most common complications that can arise during site clearing.

Five Site Clearing Complications

  1. Underground Utilities. There’s a reason why you are supposed to call 811—the national call-before-you-dig phone number—to have underground utilities marked before you dig; striking underground utilities while digging can cause many problems and can even create a very dangerous situation. Underground utilities include electrical lines, sewer and water lines, and gas lines. In addition to needing to repair the utility, hitting an underground utility can cause a huge mess or lead to a gas leak or electrocution hazard.
  2. Water Woes. Water can be found just a few inches underground in some sites. From high water tables to natural underground springs, water can swell into your site, and it must be mitigated before work can move forward.
  3. Tree Trouble. Site clearing can include removing any plant matter and similar debris. Felling a tree is usually a simple undertaking, but removing a tree’s roots from the ground is a much more difficult job. Tree roots cannot be left in the ground in most instances as they will eventually rot, leaving pockets of air in the ground that can undermine a structure’s foundation.
  4. Hidden Hazardous Materials. Unfortunately, there’s no telling what someone buried on a site in the past. You could find discarded appliances or vehicles, tires, car batteries, old construction materials, rusting metal, and even hazardous materials like motor oil and worse. These materials need to be removed, and sometimes the soil will need to be remedied to make the site safe.
  5. Problems With Permits. Problems obtaining permits can occur on any construction job. Site clearing rules and regulations will differ depending on the state, county, city, and more. Having an expert in the local and state regulations can be as important as their knowledge about all the other aspects of site clearing.

Hiring experts like Tucker Paving to clear your site is a decision that is worth its weight in gold. Tucker Paving provides construction site services that include site clearing, site grading, stabilized subgrade, base work, asphalt paving, and underground utilities in addition to concrete curbs, sidewalks, slabs, and tie-beams. We also offer asphalt and concrete paving. Contact us online, or give us a call at (863) 299-2262, for assistance with your next site clearing project!