Skilled worker shortages have been impacting the construction industry for some time. The recession of 2008 and Covid 19 Pandemic only fueled the fire of construction worker shortages. These shortages are set to continue as estimates maintain over 40 percent of the construction workforce could retire within the next ten years. Attracting the younger generation to the construction and paving industry is a must!

Attracting The Younger Generation to Construction

These are ways for the construction and paving industry to attract the younger generation to its workforce.

  1. Toot Your Benefits Horn. There are numerous benefits to choosing a career in construction. These include no college debt, good pay, challenging and varying work, working outdoors, great benefits, job security, advancement opportunities…the list goes on and on. Make sure you’re communicating those benefits to your prospective workforce.
  2. Utilize Personal Recommendations. The younger generation relies more so on “influencers” than traditional advertising; in short, they want recommendations from “the horse’s mouth” rather than advertising. Utilize your employees in your social media postings to carry the message of the benefits of working in the construction industry.
  3. Form Community Relationships. Public education has heard the call loud and clear that all sectors of the construction industry are on the hunt for a skilled workforce; there are likely numerous organizations in your area that partner with public schools and trade schools to connect employers with students. Partnering with these organizations will give you a platform to tout the benefits of construction and paving and introduce the younger generation to the industry.
  4. Utilize Technology. The younger generation does not remember a time before cell phones and the internet, so using technology is second nature to them. Having employees utilize new and interesting tech as part of the job will make the job more attractive to the younger workforce.
  5. Give Employees Buy-In. The younger generation is raring to go when it comes to making a difference and having their hard work recognized. Make sure your company culture is one that recognizes and rewards the achievements and hard work of its employees. 

Tucker Paving is always on the hunt for skilled workers! See our job listings and fill out a job application online. We also host a job fair every other Tuesday at our headquarters at 5658 Lucerne Park Road, Winter Haven, Florida. 

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