We’ve all heard how rain and snow can be hard on asphalt. Find out how Florida’s rainy season can be detrimental to asphalt, and learn what you can do to stop the damage in its tracks.

Florida’s rainy season is quickly approaching, and that can mean rain showers that happen almost daily. That daily accumulation of rain can really do a number on unprotected, cracking, or damaged asphalt. Water slowly weakens the bond between the aggregate and binder that makes up asphalt. Over time, water will get further and further into the structural and supportive layers of the asphalt, causing further damage. While Florida typically doesn’t have to contend with the freeze-thaw cycle of northern states that can cause damage much faster, Florida’s daily rainstorms and intense sun can easily damage asphalt. Professional asphalt pavers like Tucker Paving recommend regular maintenance of asphalt to head off problems.

Asphalt Maintenance
Regular maintenance of asphalt will head off problems with water and significantly extend the life of your asphalt. Regular maintenance includes:

  • Sealcoating. This is when a thin liquid layer of a protective emulsion is applied to the top of asphalt. Generally made with tar as a base, sealcoating protects the asphalt from water, UV rays, oils and fluids from vehicles, and more. Professional asphalt pavers recommend that asphalt should get a sealcoating applied every three to five years.
  • Drainage. Standing water on asphalt can create significant problems as the asphalt has less time to dry, and the water has more time to work its way into the asphalt’s layers. Fixing drainage issues, or utilizing porous pavement, will keep standing water from turning into big, expensive problems.
  • Inspecting and Repairing. Inspecting asphalt for signs of damage and having damage fixed while still small will keep asphalt issues from becoming more severe and expensive to fix. Keep an eye out for cracking, surface slippage, potholes, divots, pooling water, and other imperfections and have them repaired by a profession asphalt paver to extend the life of any asphalt surface.

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