All aspects of construction start with a base or foundation, as the base sets the structural integrity of the paving or construction project. Tucker Paving is just a few months shy of having 30 years of experience in paving and construction in Central Florida, including Earthworks, and we know that Florida geology means that most construction and paving projects require soil stabilization to occur before the rest of the project can move forward. In short, soil stabilization is a vastly important aspect of any paving job or other construction project.

Soil Stabilization Defined

Soil stabilization is amending, treating, working, or replacing a jobsite’s existing soil so that the soil will be able to provide a stable base for whatever is being built. A stable base is necessary for roadways, all types of pavements, buildings, infrastructure, and all other types of construction. Without a stable base, pavement will eventually crack and heave; structures will sink, shift, and move out of square; in short, having an unstable base means that a structure or pavement will not last for very long. 

Florida’s Geology

Florida’s unique geological structure features karst limestone that sits on the land’s bedrock from when Florida was covered by a shallow sea; this type of limestone features many caverns and pockets that can turn into sinkholes.

That ancient shallow sea also brought sand that piled up on top of the limestone, which today makes up the bulk of Florida’s soils. Other soils found in Florida are made up of porous clay. Both of these soil types make for poor base foundations due to erosion and poor compaction, and they need to be stabilized before construction. Soil stabilization can be achieved through mechanical means, or through chemical processes.

Other Considerations

Florida also has a high water table that makes seeping and flooding a problem. Soil stabilization is needed to reduce water seepage, water retention, and flooding. Soils in Florida also need to be stabilized to prevent soil contamination that could then, in turn, enter a water table and pollute a community’s drinking water.

Tucker Paving offers site construction services, including site clearing, site grading, stabilized subgrade, base work, asphalt paving, underground utilities, and concrete curbs, sidewalks, slabs, and tie-beams, in addition to our nearly three decades in the asphalt and concrete paving industry. Contact us by calling (863) 299-2262, orfill out our contact form online, to let us help you with your next Earthworks project!