Central Florida sees its fair share of rain during the wet season in the summer months, and that can spell trouble for your parking lot if there are drainage issues. Tucker Paving has been serving the Central Florida area for nearly 30 years and completing jobs of all sizes, and we know how problematic drainage issues in a parking lot can be. Issues like puddles and standing water can have a serious impact on how your customers view and visit your business, as well as the lifespan of the parking lot. See the options for solutions to the problems with your parking lot’s drainage.

Parking Lot Drainage Solutions

Your best bet for fixing your parking lot’s drainage problems is to contact a trusted company with experience in paving parking lots and let them determine the best solution for your parking lot’s problems. Possible solutions they will utilize include:

  1. Installing a drainage system. Water runoff needs somewhere to drain to, and a drainage system that takes the excess water off and away from your parking lot may be just what your parking lot needs. If there is a drain present, but there is still standing water, then the drain may need to be cleared or repaired.
  2. Adjusting your parking lot’s slope. Water will always follow gravity to get to the lowest point possible, and a parking lot paving company will take advantage of this fact by building a slope into a parking lot. If your parking lot is experiencing standing water, then there may be a problem with the parking lot’s slope.
  3. Installing asphalt curbing. Curbing can be installed that will divert water runoff on your parking lot to drains and water retention areas.
  4. Utilizing permeable pavement. Permeable pavement allows the water runoff to permeate through the pavement and away to a drainage area. It may be the best option for your parking lot.

Expert parking lot pavers will also recommend that you limit damage to your parking lot by keeping it clean, having regular maintenance like sealcoating completed, and by limiting heavy traffic.

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