The first step for just about any construction project is the site clearing.

You are coming into a piece of land that may not have had any previous construction on it, or maybe not in many years. This is the raw material for the foundation of your project. Tucker Paving can help make sure that your land is cleared and prepared for whatever you have planned. When it comes to starting off on the right foot, you can trust us to get you started in the site clearing phase.

What’s Involved in Site Clearing
There are two main stages to site clearing. First is the task of clearing away vegetation. After that, the surface soil needs to be cleared. Here is how it is done.

  • Clearing vegetation. The site to be cleared needs to be designated. All vegetation on and surrounding the worksite will need to be cleared, including any trees and shrubs within about 30 feet of the construction site. First, the undergrowth is removed. This makes room for workers to clear away larger growth, such as trees and shrubs. When trees are removed, a tall stump is left, which is easier to remove than a short one. The stump and roots must be extracted. Tree roots left underground will begin to decompose and can cause cracks in the concrete structures later built on that site.
  • Clearing surface soil. Despite our best efforts at root removal, the remaining surface soil will still have a lot of roots from previous plants, as well as other decaying matter. This is not a very good foundation for building upon. Once the area to be cleared has been designated, the surface soil can be removed. The topsoil may be utilized somewhere else on the project, otherwise, the soil is transported to someplace that can use it. The new surface of the soil is then graded and prepared for the building of a foundation or the application of asphalt or other paving material.

Tucker Paving Does It All
Tucker Paving can be a valuable asset to your company, as we work hard to make sure the land you are building upon is suitable for your project. A house is only as sturdy as its foundation, and we at Tucker Paving are committed to providing you with the highest quality service when it comes to your land needs.