Construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the US with a high rate of injuries and fatalities. However, those injuries and deaths are preventable, meaning safety should be the top priority on every jobsite. Giving employees information concerning the most common sources of danger on a jobsite is a good start in any effort to reduce the chances of injuries and fatalities. See the best safety tips for asphalt pavers to minimize your employees’ risk!

Asphalt Paving Safety Tips

  1. Take Care Getting On and Off Equipment. Getting on and off machinery is one of the leading causes of injury for equipment operators. It seems like a simple act that should be safe, but moving machinery, slippery surfaces, and operator carelessness can all lead to injury or worse. Employees operating machinery should check for wet or muddy footwear, wear high-grip gloves, and make sure they have a stable handhold and footrest on at least three points of the machine at all times when entering or exiting.
  2. Give Machinery a Wide Berth. Don’t allow employees to gather around a piece of machinery while it is in use. Those supervising the machine’s operation should do so at a safe distance.
  3. Consider Overhead and Underground Dangers. Train employees to not only consider the dangers around them, but also above and below them. Overhead machinery, tools, or materials that can fall, and underground utilities that can cause damage or electrical shock, should be considered as well.
  4. Stay Safe From Motorists. Ensure that employees are correctly creating safe work zones when working on roads and highways. This includes using barriers and signage that instruct motorists to slow down and keeps employees away from moving vehicles. Similarly, employees should wear high-visibility clothing and gear.
  5. Be Careful During Loading and Unloading. There is a lot going on during the loading and unloading process, and machine rollovers and other injuries are common. Instruct employees to use a spotter, proper tie-down procedures, safety tie wires, and other safety equipment and procedures during loading and unloading.

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