Economic development is an important endeavor, and it’s a good and warm feeling to know that, as a company and employer, Tucker Paving, Inc., is a contributor to and has a positive role in that development.

As a company, Tucker Paving helps to drive business and job growth directly through the construction services it provides and the supplies and services it purchases to fulfill its responsibilities to clients. Through the millions of dollars worth of roads and structures it builds each year for other economic drivers — organizations in both the public and private sectors — Tucker Paving has an indirect role in economic growth. As a workplace, Tucker Paving has the opportunity and pleasure to employ scores of people, each one an economic driver in his or her own way through real estate, goods, and services purchased and money saved and invested.

Tucker Paving’s contributions to economic development don’t just stop at the city limits of Winter Haven, the company’s home base and home community to most of its managers and employees. Those contributions extend throughout Central Florida, the region the company services, and they have a positive ripple effect all over the Sunshine State.

Through focused endeavors, organized economic development is vigorous in Polk County and has a highly successful track record to show for it. Tucker Paving is an active  or contributing partner with all of the county’s economic development agencies, and members of the company’s leadership team have positive relationships with the leaders of each of these agencies.

Serving Polk County and the county’s communities extremely well are the following public-private economic development agencies:

  • Central Florida Development Council — Based in Lakeland, the CFDC is the county’s primary organization for business, industry, and job growth. Sean Mallot is the president and chief executive officer. Todd Dantzler, of Saunders Ralston Dantzler Realty, is chairman of the board of directors. Phone: 863-937-4430. Website:
  • Lakeland Economic Development Council — Steve Scruggs is the LEDC president. David Hallock, of the Gray-Robinson law firm, is the board chairman. Phone: 863-687-3788. Website:
  • Winter Haven Economic Development Council — Bruce Lyon is the president of the Winter Haven EDC. Phone: 863-837-5280. Website:
  • Haines City Economic Development Council — Cyndi Jantomaso is the Haines City EDC president. The board chairwoman is Ann Barnhart, CEO of Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center. Phone: 863-422-2525. Website:
  • Lake Wales Area Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Council — Kevin Kieft is the Chamber-EDC president and CEO. The Chamber board chairman is Wayne Weathersby, of Keller Williams Realty in Lake Wales. Phone: 863-676-3445. Website:
  • Bartow Economic Development Council — Rob Clancey is president of the Bartow EDC. The board chairman is James F. Clements, a Realtor and Bartow city commissioner. Phone: 863-533-7125. Website:
  • While Auburndale doesn’t have an economic development council, this vibrant and fast-growing city does have a Community Development Department, and Amy Palmer is doing a terrific job as department director. She can be reached at 863-965-5530. The city’s website is

Whether it’s economic development in Winter Haven, Polk County, or throughout Central Florida … Team Tucker Paving, Inc., is pleased and fortunate — and very grateful — to be a part of it.