When a structure needs to be lifted from its foundations, or a really heavy object needs support during construction, what do you do? We at Tucker Paving recommend making use of a box crib. Cribbing is used as a temporary structure to help support weighty or cumbersome objects during construction. It can make a huge difference when it comes to getting a job done right and on time.

What Is Cribbing?
Typically, cribbing is built from wood timbers stacked together sort of like you would in the game Jenga, except the middle is empty. It can also take the shape of a parallelogram, a triangle, or an A-form, depending on the needs of the project. Cribbing is adjustable as the construction takes place – you can make it taller or shorter as the project requires by simply adding or removing the blocks of wood.
Another type of cribbing is called “shims” or “wedges.” Theses crib forms are used to help brace other segments to prevent them from moving or to provide some angling support that might be necessary in order to achieve a stable and level platform.
The kind of wood you choose for your cribbing is important. At Tucker Paving, we recommend a good, sturdy hardwood that will resist breakage, or, alternately, a soft wood, such as spruce or pine. The benefit to using a soft wood is that if they do start to bend, they will crack slowly and make a loud noise before completely failing, thereby alerting workers to the potential problem. 

Tucker Paving Can Help with Cribbing
If you have a major construction project in the works that needs a little extra support, call on Tucker Paving for help with cribbing. We have the materials on hand to build a box crib or other type of support to make sure that your project rises without a hitch.