Earthworks excavation is one of the first steps in any construction job, and it comes in all shapes and sizes.

The majority of construction projects begin with an undeveloped plot of ground, and earthworks excavation is typically one of the first steps in the construction project after the planning and development phases are complete, and after the site has been cleared of large vegetation like trees and any landforms or structures that may be in the way. See the ins and outs of earthworks excavation below and why it’s so important to any construction project.

Earthworks Excavation Explained
Earthworks excavation refers to any digging that needs to be done on a construction site—from roads and pavements to houses, buildings, and landscaping—in order to create a smooth, firm foundation for the actual construction to begin.

The process is as necessary on a smaller scale, such as ditches, digging required for swimming pools, and putting in an asphalt driveway, as it is on a larger scale, such as leveling the land for the foundation of a building or major roadway. The factors that go into earthworks excavation include whether the ground material is soil, clay, gravel, etc., the slope of the ground, any water runoff considerations, and what is going to be constructed on the site. In all earthworks jobs, however, the purpose is always to remove the ground material to create a uniform, strong foundation for whatever is going to be constructed.
There are many different tools and pieces of construction equipment utilized in earthworks excavation, from hand tools like shovels and spades to heavy equipment like backhoes and industrial excavators. The machinery comes in all shapes and sizes, and the ease-of-use, ground material, and the nature/amount of digging required will determine what machinery is utilized.

Qualified, and often certified, machine operators utilize the machinery that best fits the excavation job to complete it efficiently and with precision. Oftentimes, the ground material that is removed during excavation can be used later on at the site, or it can be taken offsite to be recycled. Once a site has been cleared and excavated, it is ready for construction to begin.

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