A concrete foundation is one of the most important parts of a home or other structure. It’s the base that everything else rests on and if things go wrong, then it will affect the rest of the structure. Maintaining a concrete foundation is often overlooked as most of the foundation is in the ground and falls under the “out of sight, out of mind” pattern. Many people don’t know that they should safeguard their concrete foundation as much as possible, or even how to do it. Tucker Paving has over 25 years of experience in the concrete and asphalt industry, and we know the importance of maintaining your concrete foundation for the longevity of your house or other structure.

Concrete Foundation Maintenance

Maintaining a concrete foundation is important because it’s the base for the structure of your home or other building. The foundation holds the weight of a building, distributing the weight of the building and providing a level, solid support for the rest of the structure. Problems with a concrete foundation can lead to problems in the structure that can include cracks in the foundation, bricks, and sheetrock; doorways and windows being out of alignment; floors that aren’t level; and serious structural issues that can make a building unsafe.

Maintaining a concrete foundation should include:

  • Starting out right. While there’s not much you can do for a structure that has already been built in terms of maintenance, if you’re dealing with new construction, then there are many factors that come into play when installing a concrete foundation. It’s a complex process that should include engineers and other experts who know the foundation’s needs based on the soils and subsoils it’s being built on, irrigation and water table issues, the load requirements of the building, the best use of footers and slabs, etc. A foundation that is done incorrectly will eventually have issues.
  • Keep water away. Features like landscaping, roof gutters, and the slope of the land around the building should all be arranged to keep water away from the foundation. Water is one of the leading enemies of concrete, and water can wreak havoc on a building’s foundation, especially considering Florida’s rainy season. Having waterproofing installed around your foundation is one way to combat water damage, along with fixing irrigation and gutter issues.
  • Check for issues. Make it a habit to check the foundation of any structure regularly, looking for problems like cracks. Catching issues when they a small will mean that repairs are less expensive.
  • Hire a professional for issues. A trained and licensed company is your best option for foundation problems, including settling and cracking. They will know what soil tests to perform, how to mitigate sinkhole activity, how to mitigate radon, how and where to remedy the issue—such as pressure grouting or utilizing steel underpins, and more.

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