Most people likely don’t pay a great deal of attention to curbs, and they may not even realize that there are a number of different types of concrete curbing. For those of us in the concrete and asphalt industry like Tucker Paving is, we know there are several different types of concrete curbing, and each has its own purpose. Explore the different types of concrete curbing below.

Varieties of Concrete Curbing

In general, curbs are divided into two different categories: barrier curbs or mountable curbs. The difference has to do with the purpose of the curb itself. Barrier curbs are meant to be just what they sound like—a barrier to repel vehicles back away from the curb so they do not travel into areas where vehicles should not be: sidewalks, medians, landscaping, and other pedestrian-only areas. Usually, barrier curbs—also referred to as straight curbs—present a nearly 90-degree angle edge that will repel tires and will cause discomfort for drivers and/or damage to the vehicle’s tires when these curbs are hit or driven over.

Mountable curbs, on the other hand, are meant for vehicles to drive over to allow access to parking lots, driveways, and the like. Mountable curbs—also called roll curbs—present a depressed, sloped edge that allows vehicles to easily and comfortably cross over them. Either type of curb can be altered by shaping to have depression or projections to allow for transitions, areas that need to be tapered, etc.

Both barrier curbs and mountable curbs can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes. The dimensions of either type of curb will be dependent upon the region in which the curb is being installed, the purposes of the curb, and construction costs. Both types of curbs can also be manufactured with aprons and gutter sections, either all together in one piece or separate pieces.

In general, combined curbs and gutters are most often found in urban areas around streets and parking lots as it is stronger than a separate curb and gutter. The latter must use deformed steel bars to tie the curb and gutter to the pavement slab to preserve the longevity of the pavement slab, curb, and gutters

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