All roads start out with a road base called a subgrade. This base must be strong and stable in order to support the surface or top base and the weight of all the vehicles that will be driving on it day in and day out.

As with any foundation, a strong, sturdy base is the only way to start in order to construct something that will last. There are many options when it comes to materials to use as a road base, but one with many advantages is crushed concrete. See all the benefits of using crushed concrete as a road base below.

The Advantages of Crushed Concrete as a Road Base
Crushed concrete that has been reclaimed can be used in two different ways as part of a road base: as the coarse aggregate and/or the fine aggregate. These smaller-sized particles help make the road base strong and sturdy and help keep it together. Essentially, the first advantage of crushed concrete aggregates is that they “lock up” well as a road base and can offer a superior load transfer when laid down over weaker subgrade. The road base foundation that crushed concrete can provide is strong and sturdy, and it will hold up for years to come.

Furthermore, crushed concrete has a lower compacted unit weight than other base material options, such as conventional mineral aggregates; this translates to crushed concrete having a greater volume for the same weight.

This additional advantage makes crushed concrete an economically beneficial option for contractors and customers alike.

Lastly, reclaiming and recycling materials such as concrete for use in other projects, such as for a road base, means that fewer raw materials are wasted and existing concrete is not thrown away to end up in landfills. The environmental benefits are intensified when on-site concrete is demolished and recycled back into the project’s new construction, as it saves on aggregate hauling costs and fuel usage.

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