The construction industry is keeping up with the times and making changes where necessary.

To the layman, it might not seem like much changes in construction. To the pros, though, nothing happens without up-to-date planning and the latest in technological assistance. At Tucker Paving, we’ve taken note of some construction trends sweeping through the industry in 2020.

Top Construction Trends
While every builder makes their process unique, there are some trends becoming common practice. These are some practices now being widely adopted.

  1. Safety foremost. After some high-profile structural failures in the past few years, insurance companies are taking a closer look at construction procedures. Designers and builders are becoming more mindful of their processes and products to ensure the safety of workers and the public.
  2. Modular design growing in popularity. While it hasn’t quite taken off yet, the use of modular design is steadily increasing. Modular building allows for greater schedule flexibility, and some companies, such as hotel chain Marriott, already appreciate the efficiency of modular construction.
  3. Equity and diversity matter. Many government jobs and some private sector jobs now require that a minimum percentage of marginalized workers or businesses be utilized. While it can be a challenge to meet these stipulations, it is expected that builders will find a way to draw in the necessary candidates.
  4. Automation filling gaps in labor shortages. Advances in technology mean that more and more tasks are being handled by robots. This is a relief where there are not enough skilled laborers to fill vacant positions.
  5. Public/Private Partnerships will need to get creative. As the labor and materials markets remain volatile, more large companies are shying away from big P3 projects to avoid inherent risks. Since these projects involve public infrastructure, they still need to be done, so state agencies will have to find solutions presented by these works.

Tucker Paving Is Ready for the Future
No matter what trends sweep through the industry in 2020, Tucker Paving is ready to work. We are ready to make use of the latest in technology and methods to get the job done right, on schedule, and under budget!