Paving is only as good as the water drainage that goes along with it; this is especially true in the Sunshine State during the summer rainy season. Poor drainage and standing water can wreak havoc with your business for your clients or customers, employees, and the integrity of your pavement. Tucker Paving has over 25 years of experience in commercial, residential, and municipal paving, so we’ve put together tips for business owners to discuss with their commercial pavers.

Tips on Commercial Water Drainage

These are the basic areas that any commercial paver worth their salt should be focusing on when it comes to the pavement and drainage of your commercial space:

  1. Local Conditions. In the planning stages, a commercial paver should take into consideration the soil, topography, and climate of your commercial space. In places like Florida where there can be large amounts of water that need to be drained in a short period of time, knowing where the water will be draining and how much water the surrounding soil or sewer system can hold is paramount in designing a drainage system that keeps your pavement free of water.
  2. Grading. Grading is the slope of your commercial pavement that allows rainwater to move downhill and drain off the pavement’s surface. A commercial paver will need to find the sweet spot between a slope that moves rainwater off the pavement quickly but doesn’t interfere with the pavement’s use.
  3. Porous Pavement Options. There are many options available for both concrete and asphalt when it comes to porous pavement. This is pavement, also referred to as pervious pavement, that features a top layer that allows water to penetrate it to varying degrees. Porous or pervious pavement are good options for areas that commonly experience a high volume of rain because the pavement can absorb the water and move it away from the pavement’s surface quickly. A commercial paver will be able to calculate which type of pavement blend will work best for your site when it comes to drainage.

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