Construction is a major industry in Florida, and like much of the construction industry, Florida’s construction companies are always in need of knowledgeable employees.

To that end, Central Florida Construction Career Days is a program aimed at introducing high school students to careers in construction with hands-on experiences. Explore all the event has to offer below!

Central Florida Construction Career Days
Central Florida Construction Career Days, which takes place in January for Central Florida and October for South Florida, is a free field trip experience that includes 20- or 40-minute learning labs and tech demonstrations that students rotate through, including an array of heavy-duty equipment that students can take for an outdoor test drive!

The event is run by a group of career roadbuilders, including designers, inspectors, field engineers, and operators looking to inform high school students about the attractions, benefits, and opportunities available in the construction industry in order to build a pool of interested applicants.

The group maintains on its website that “skill levels from novice workers to degreed professionals are in demand!” Event coordinators offer free busing to and from the event, and lunch and water are provided as well.

The construction industry offers many lucrative opportunities, especially for high school graduates looking for an alternative to college. Jobs in the construction industry often offer competitive pay, benefits, opportunities for advancement, job security, and much more. Many industry companies are on-hand conducting demonstrations, informational presentations, and many are interested in hiring high school graduates. The event offers students the opportunity to learn about different fields in the construction industry, to ask questions of industry representatives, and find leads on employment after graduation.

Tucker Paving is a proud supporter of the construction industry, and we are always looking for applicants interested in joining our team! We have been in the asphalt paving and concrete industry for 25 years, and we stand on our reputation for quality, customer service, and integrity! Schools can register here for the Central Florida Construction Career Days event, and those interested in inquiring about employment with our company can fill out our employment application online.