If your asphalt surface isn’t smooth and level, then there’s a real problem.

At Tucker Paving, we believe in providing quality service on each and every job, from start to finish. That commitment to quality shows in the finished product with a pavement that is smooth, level, and long-lasting. If there’s one thing we can’t stand to see, it’s a bumpy paved surface. That’s because if that pavement isn’t smooth, then it wasn’t installed correctly, and there’s simply no excuse for shoddy work like that.

What Really Wrinkles the Work

The problem with rough asphalt and uneven paving is that there are going to be gaps and crevices in the surface that will collect water. Over time, that water is going to completely destabilize the pavement. Cracks and potholes will form, and the whole area will just be a mess.

There are a few main reasons why asphalt paving will come out uneven, and they are all avoidable. We at Tucker Paving do the preparation necessary to ensure we don’t fall into any of these pitfalls.

  • Using the wrong aggregate mix. The aggregate should be a mix of crushed rock and small particulates, such as sand, that can be compacted tightly together. The rocks can’t be smooth-edged, or they will not compact properly.
  • Not using an adequate amount of asphalt. The liquid asphalt that is poured over the aggregate needs to create a top layer that is at least two inches thick. Using insufficient asphalt will fail to bind the aggregate together, and the result will be a lumpy surface that has pieces chipping off all the time.
  • Not compacted enough. Compaction is incredibly important, and if it’s skipped over or not done correctly, then your new pavement is going to just crumble apart. Asphalt compaction smooths out the surface and removes air bubbles and gaps that may be present. 

Tucker Paving – the Smooth Operators

If you want the job done right the first time, count on Tucker Paving. Our experienced team of professionals will make sure that you’re satisfied with the work performed.