Paving a parking lot may seem like a simple undertaking, but actually there are numerous factors to consider to ensure that the parking lot is both affordable and long-lasting. Tucker Paving has been in the must be considered to choose the best materials for your paved parking lot.

Important Parking Lot Factors

    1. You parking lot’s volume of traffic and typic loads. Parking lots that see a lot of traffic, or see a lot of heavy vehicles, will need to be made of materials that can withstand the constant loads or heavy loads.
    2. Your region’s climate and environment. Factors such as how hot your area gets, the amount of UV rays from the sun, how much rain, and whether the freeze-thaw cycle is an issue all factor into what materials are best for your parking lot’s pavement. 
    3. Your desired level of maintenance and repair. Different materials have different requirements when it comes to maintenance and repair. For example, asphalt requires more regular maintenance in the form of sealcoating every few years compared to concrete, but concrete can be more expensive to repair if needed.
    4. Costs. There are many different levels of cost when it comes to different materials. In general, asphalt is usually the most cost-effective option. Simple concrete is next, with personalization like stamping and coloring the concrete adding costs. Lastly, pavers are usually the most expensive.
    5. How long installation and repairs take. If you are in a time crunch, asphalt will be the fastest when it comes to installation and repairs. Concrete, on the other hand, takes longer to install and repair as it must cure for the correct amount of time.
    6. Design options. There are few to no design customization options for asphalt, though it does offer a sleek, black look when new and after sealcoating. There are many design options for concrete, such as stamping patterns and color dyes, but keep in mind those features will also make a concrete parking lot more expensive.
    7. Environmental impact and sustainability. Both concrete and asphalt can be considered as “sustainable” with a low environmental impact when recycled materials are used. Additionally, options like permeable concrete or asphalt 
    8. Sustainability and environmental impact. Materials like permeable asphalt or concrete allow for better water drainage and can help manage stormwater runoff, contributing to a more sustainable design.

The best resource in choosing the materials for your parking lot that fit your needs, timeline, budget, and aesthetics is a professional concrete and asphalt paving company with years of experience, like Tucker Paving!

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