How long will a freshly paved asphalt road last? Basically, as long as you need it to.

You might be surprised by how long an asphalt road can stand up to heavy traffic without needing replacement or rehabilitation. For example, the entire New Jersey Turnpike was paved with asphalt in 1951. In the 68 years since, the Turnpike has never once had a structural failure in that pavement. The only maintenance it has needed has been some surface treatments and overlays. That is an amazing feat of pavement engineering. At Tucker Paving, we take a serious interest in that type of success story and aim to emulate it in our own projects.

How Long Can an Asphalt Road Last?
Since the 1950s, pavement technology has continued to advance. As amazing as it is to think about the fact that the New Jersey Turnpike has withstood daily heavy traffic for almost seven decades, it really drives home the fact that a properly designed and engineered asphalt road can last almost indefinitely.

The goal with asphalt pavement design is to create a structure that can withstand environmental stresses as well as traffic over the years in such a way so that it needs only minimal maintenance. It is simply not cost-effective or good planning to create a roadway that has a lifespan limited to, say, 20 or 30 years. Prudence dictates that the road should be constructed in so as to endure for as long as possible.

Engineers achieve this longevity by carefully tailoring the composition of the asphalt and the thickness with which it is laid. The materials present in the lower layers of the pavement are also taken into consideration. Hot mix asphalt is the preferred aggregate used in roadway construction. The engineers must also consider what conditions the road will be used under, both in terms of weather and usage. An intersection experiences a great deal of stress from vehicles stopping, standing, and turning on it, and requires a stiffer mix of asphalt, for example.

Call Tucker Paving for Your Roadway
When you need to have a road paved, count on Tucker Paving to fabricate a surface that will withstand many years of use. Our talented and focused engineers will ensure that every detail is attended to when it comes to designing the right asphalt for your needs. Tucker Paving will put down a road that will be around for as long as you need it.