If you’re thinking of using stone gravel for a project, you might want to consider asphalt millings instead.

Perhaps you have a project on your table that you have been considering using gravel to make. If that’s the case, have you considered using asphalt millings instead? Here at Tucker Paving, we encourage the use of asphalt millings in place of gravel for several reasons. Learn the advantages of using them for your project.

The Benefits of Asphalt Millings
There are many reasons to use asphalt millings where you would normally choose stone gravel or even hot asphalt. Here are a few:

  • Cost. Let’s cut to the chase. Many decisions on any project come down to a matter of cost. One of the biggest draws of using asphalt millings is the lower cost. They are generally considered recycled asphalt pavement because they are made from former asphalt projects that are crushed into gravel. Since there is no input of new materials, the cost is significantly decreased.
  • Durability. They are weather resistant. They are excellent at resisting damage due to the elements.
  • Environmental factor. Because they are a recycled product, using them can help you earn LEED credits on your project. Some projects may even qualify for tax credits for using the millings.
  • Low maintenance. Over time, you’ll appreciate the fact that they don’t require refinishing, resurfacing, or even replacing. It also hardens, rather than weakening, as time goes on. Plus, they make very little dust or mud, so cleanup becomes less of a chore.

Call Tucker Paving for All of Your Asphalt Needs
Whether you are looking for asphalt millings or some other type of paving for your next project, be sure to call Tucker Paving to ensure the job is done right. With Tucker Paving, you can count on a job done well, on schedule, and at a reasonable rate.