Whether it’s old asphalt, old concrete, or even moved and unneeded dirt, we at Tucker Paving don’t like for any of it to go to waste. That why, in the case of asphalt and concrete, we chop it up into very small pieces, use as much as we can for our own jobs, and put the rest up for sale. In the case of dirt — clean fill dirt — we occasionally offer that for sale, too.

Asphalt millings are great for country roads, long private drives from paved roads to houses or barns, driveways on unrestricted properties, and even parking lots in some situations.

If you’re thinking about using traditional gravel for a project, you might want to consider using asphalt millings instead. Essentially recycled asphalt pavement (RAP), asphalt millings are relatively low in cost, long lasting, eco-friendly, almost maintenance free, and adaptable in all kinds of weather. However — and this is a big “however” — be careful with your selection of aggregate for areas that require good drainage. As time goes by, RAP will tend to compact in the soil and become, like pavement, fairly impermeable.

If you have questions about typical or potential uses for recycled concrete or asphalt, or if you want to inquire about purchasing recycled aggregate or clean fill dirt, e-mail Barret Tucker at barret@tuckerpaving.com.