Explore the causes behind cracks in asphalt and the best option for fixing them.

Asphalt cracks are an unsightly occurrence, and they are best taken care of and fixed as soon as they appear. Without being repaired, cracks in asphalt are only going to get worse, presenting both a liability and a costlier repair job down the road. Explore all of the different cracks you may encounter in asphalt, and the best options for repairing them.

Different Asphalt Cracks and Their Repairs
There are a variety of different cracks you’ll see in asphalt pavement.

  • Edge Cracking. These cracks are usually long and found within two feet of the edge of asphalt paving. They are caused by a variety of issues, but the most common cause of edge cracks in asphalt is poor support at the edges of the asphalt and/or drainage issues. Repair options include improving drainage and filling the cracks as soon as possible.
  • Alligator or Fatigue Cracking. These are made up of a lot of little cracks at the asphalt’s surface that resemble alligator hide. They form because the asphalt pavement was not designed to hold up to the weight going over it, usually from vehicles. The reasons behind this could be the base was improperly prepared, poor drainage, or the pavement was not laid down thick enough. Full-depth patching is the best option to deal with such cracks, along with correcting the underlying issues if possible.
  • Longitudinal Cracking. These cracks occur parallel to the center of the asphalt pavement. They can be caused by improperly laid asphalt, issues with the underlayer, or incorrectly constructed joints.
  • Slippage Cracking. These crescent-shaped cracks are likely formed when the layers of the asphalt pavement did not adequately bond together, and the asphalt cannot withstand the weight of vehicles. The repairs for slippage cracking will depend upon the underlying cause.

The best option for assessing the repair needs for your asphalt cracks is to contact a professional like Tucker Paving. We have 25 years of experience in asphalt repair and installation. Contact us at (863) 299-2262 or online for your next asphalt repair or installation project.