Find out which factors play a role in the breakdown and deterioration of parking lots and what you can do about it.

Asphalt is a common material used to pave parking lots. It’s an economical, sustainable, and strong material that can stand the test of time. When asphalt parking lots do break down, they can turn into a nightmare for drivers, pedestrians, and business owners alike. Explore the three most common factors in the breakdown of a parking lot, and what can be done to fix—or even prevent—such problems.

Three Factors Affecting Parking Lots

  • The Elements
    Asphalt is affected by the sun and weather like any other element. The sun’s UV rays break down the binder that holds the asphalt together, causing it to pit, crack, and crumble. It’s a common issue with Florida’s powerful sunlight. Water can also degrade asphalt binder over time, getting into cracks and crevices to penetrate into asphalt’s layers. While Florida asphalt parking lots generally don’t have to contend with the freeze-thaw cycle seen in states with colder weather, Florida’s sun, rain, and high humidity can cause an asphalt parking lot to break down over time. Regular sealcoating of asphalt parking lots is the best defense against the elements.
  • Heavyweight Vehicles
    Asphalt parking lots are engineered to withstand a certain weight of vehicles, and a certain level of traffic. If vehicles or machinery that weigh more than the parking lot was created for are commonly driven on the parking lot, the asphalt can break down. Ensuring a parking lot is built to withstand the weight of the vehicles and machinery it will need to support is the best option to keep a parking lot from breaking down.
  • Neglect
    Asphalt parking lots can last for decades with the right upkeep and maintenance. Those parking lots that don’t receive the necessary upkeep and maintenance will begin to degrade much faster than those that do. Fixing small problems before they become bigger issues is key to increasing the life of an asphalt parking lot and keeping repair costs low. Fixing cracks and potholes when they first arise is important, as is regular sealcoating.

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