Technology is having a tremendous impact on many different industries, and the construction industry is no exception. Technology is being used in construction to improve communication, track equipment and tools, and to collect data to enhance supply chains, cost-savings, and more. Tech is also revolutionizing safety in the construction industry, such as through the use of AI and video surveillance. Explore how AI and video surveillance can improve the safety of your construction site.

AI and Video Surveillance Defined

AI, short for Artificial Intelligence, is any tech that has computers performing complex actions that hitherto required a human being to perform. Examples include automating a process or analyzing data.

Video surveillance is obviously when a video is taken of an area and stored for future use or review. When combined, AI can be programmed to review video in real time and note anomalies that indicate that something is amiss. This then generates an alert to a human to take the proper action.

Using AI and Video Surveillance to Increase Construction Safety

Safety is an important consideration in all sectors of the construction industry as there is such a high rate of injury and worse in the industry. There are also other safety concerns beyond worker and civilian safety. Combining AI and video surveillance can increase safety in the construction industry in many ways. They include:

Worker Safety.  AI and video surveillance can be utilized to ensure that workers are safe. The tech can detect unsafe conditions in areas such as the job site environment, the construction process, and worker error. For instance, the tech could detect if workers are not wearing PPE such as hard hats, if tools or supplies are not secured, or if errors in the construction process are creating hazards for workers or others.

Construction Security. AI and video surveillance tech can also be used to secure a construction site. Rather than having a guard at a construction site after hours, the tech can detect and create alerts concerning trespassers, vandalism, and theft.

Event Reconstruction. Since AI and video surveillance tech utilize cloud storage, it allows for higher data storage, meaning that events can be recorded and stored in real time, a greater timespan can be recorded and stored, and it can all be captured in a higher resolution. This means that the events recorded can be captured in enough detail that the recording can be used to identify perpetrators or others involved or the steps that led to an injury or other incident.

Since AI and video surveillance tech are in their infancy, the capabilities and applications of the technology will only increase, meaning the construction industry will continue to benefit!

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