A construction jobsite has a lot more going into it than simply the workers on-site doing the work. There is a ton of planning and preparation that goes on before the first block or brick is laid. The construction estimator is responsible for a fair amount of that planning, so much so that a construction project would likely not be done in time or under budget without a construction estimator. Explore the ins and outs of this important role.

The Importance of a Construction Estimator

A construction estimator determines the materials, machinery, and manpower a construction project will require and comes up with a total cost for the project, factoring in profit, overhead, and other costs. It’s a role that requires an eye for details, an analytical mind, a mathematical aptitude, considerable communication skills, and a deep understanding of many different types of construction.

A construction estimator would start out with reviewing a project’s Scope of Work. The Scope of Work lists all of the parts and phases of a construction project from start to finish. The construction estimator will use this document, along with plans, blueprints, specs, and possibly a trip to the worksite, to create a list of needed materials. This list is generally called a quantity takeoff.

The quantity takeoff lists, line-by-line, the materials needed to complete the construction project, including the amount needed and the cost of the materials. This can also include finding the best or most cost-effective materials to complete the job.

Additionally, the construction estimator will also calculate the equipment and machinery costs, labor costs, and any other cost or expenditure a construction project may have. Then, he or she will factor in things like overhead, profits, and other unforeseen costs to arrive at the total cost to complete a construction project. 

Once these calculations are complete, a construction estimator will then present the data to others involved in the planning of the project. Strong communication skills are a must, as a construction estimator must also communicate with many different people. They may need to communicate with vendors, contractors, labor unions, and other suppliers to factor in accurate prices; designers, engineers, and architects to get accurate project information; and others concerned with the construction project—such as clients, builders, contractors, managers, and others—to present the final cost estimates for a project.

In short, the details and costs of a construction project are nailed down by a construction estimator, helping the project to stay on-time and within budget.

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