Pavement is an important part of any residence or business, but it’s often taken for granted until things start to go awry. Whether your pavement is asphalt or concrete, it’s necessary to perform routine maintenance and upkeep that can keep it in pristine shape, but many neglect this step. Oftentimes, small problems are ignored until they are bigger problems, and eventually, it’s necessary to call in a professional paving company like Tucker Paving. Explore the five signs that let you know it’s time to call your local paving company.

5 Signs You Need to Call a Paving Professional
While pavement maintenance and upkeep are chores that a homeowner or business owner is likely able to do—such as keeping pavement free of dirt and dust and cleaning oil spills—there are many jobs that require a pavement specialist. Look for any of these five signs that let you know it’s time to call in a paving company: 

  1. Significant cracking. Small cracks usually can be easily addressed, but oftentimes small cracks are ignored until they become big cracks or there are multiple cracks. Cracks wider than ¼ of an inch should be addressed by a professional paver.
  2. Warped and/or buckling pavement. Pavement that looks wavy, has high or low spots, or has an uneven surface may have issues with the base structure or the weight being put on it. A paving expert can get to the bottom of the issue and help keep it from becoming a bigger problem.
  3. Standing water. Puddles and standing water are very damaging to both asphalt and concrete as water can degrade seal coating and protective top layers, seep into cracks, and affect the integrity of the pavement. A professional paving company can assist you with figuring out the drainage issues your pavement is having.
  4. Crumbling pavement. Pavement can crumble and erode for a number of reasons. Whether it’s at the edges of the pavement or creating a pothole, crumbling pavement is a serious issue that needs to be addressed by a professional paver.
  5. Unsightly fading or stains. Not all stains are easily removed, and most pavement will fade over time if not maintained. A pavement specialist will be able to share the options available to renew your pavement to looking pristine once again.

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