Asphalt is a paving option that has minimal maintenance, but it is not maintenance free. Similarly, while asphalt pavement generally holds up well against the elements and vehicle traffic, problems can arise from time to time. Two maintenance and/or repair options you have with asphalt pavement is an asphalt overlay or asphalt sealcoating, but they are not the same thing. The use of either depends on the state of your current asphalt pavement.

Overlays vs. Sealcoating

There are a few differences between sealcoating and overlays, and they are related to how each option is used. Sealcoating is a thin coat of liquid that is added over the top of existing asphalt pavement in order to protect it. Sealcoating is not meant to work as a repair or patch for cracked or crumbling asphalt. It renews the attractive dark color of the asphalt pavement and protects the pavement from the sun’s UV rays, water, dirt, and liquids from vehicles. It is recommended to have asphalt sealcoated every three years or so to protect the asphalt pavement. Sealcoating should also be done to asphalt pavement that has recently had any cracks or potholes repaired.

Overlay, on the other hand, is meant to act as a temporary fix to asphalt pavement that is cracked or has potholes. It is a fresh layer of asphalt that is laid over the old, damaged asphalt pavement. It can generally extend the life of damaged asphalt pavement for a year or two, but the underlying damage will eventually resurface. An overlay is basically a lifeline for asphalt pavement to extend the life of the pavement for a year or two until a complete asphalt replacement can be done.

An experienced and reputable asphalt paving company life Tucker Paving can assess whether your asphalt pavement would benefit most from asphalt sealcoating, asphalt overlay, repairs and sealcoating, or a complete replacement of the existing asphalt. Using a knowledgeable company is the best option for ensuring your asphalt lasts for years to come.

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