Monthly Archives: October 2018

Using PPE Away From the Jobsite

At work it’s always ‘safety first,’ but at home, no one is there to make sure you are being safe, taking precautions, and wearing your Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE. However, using PPE at home is important too. Accidents and injuries can occur around the home as easily as at a shop or jobsite, so it’s vital that we take the same precautions in protecting ourselves while working around the house as we do at work. Continue reading Using PPE Away From the Jobsite

Asphalt for Clean Air and Cool Cities

Did you know that asphalt has a lot of ‘street cred’ when it comes to clean air and the environment, such as through helping to cool cities dealing with the urban heat island (UHI) effect? The asphalt industry has committed to effecting positive change when it comes to the environment, and it has been honoring that commitment for nearly 50 years. Explore all the ways the asphalt industry is working to have a positive impact on the environment. Continue reading Asphalt for Clean Air and Cool Cities