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Catch Potholes Early to Limit Damage

Repairing a pothole before it gets bad can protect not only motorists, but also pedestrians.

Potholes are one of the main problems Tucker Paving sees that lead to asphalt repair jobs. Potholes can form in roadways, parking lots, driveways, and more. They can wreak havoc on your vehicle, and they can also present a liability for business owners. Learn what causes potholes, the damage they can cause, and why fixing potholes early is so important.

Formation of Potholes in Asphalt
Potholes form when a section of asphalt paving has broken away or deteriorated, leaving a hole in the asphalt pavement. These holes generally start out as cracks. Water gets in the cracks and causes more damage, both on the surface and subsurface.
Each vehicle that drives over the degraded area causes the asphalt to deteriorate further and break away. Eventually, a hole will form that will continue to get bigger with every rainstorm and each vehicle that passes over it. Without prompt and proper attention, little potholes turn into big potholes that create a serious hazard to vehicles and pedestrians.

The Costs of Pothole Damage
Potholes can pose a real threat to both motorists and pedestrians alike. For those walking near potholes, the uneven walking surface invites falls and other injuries. For motorists, potholes can damage a vehicle’s tires, wheels, suspension, shocks, and more. According to a study done by AAA in 2016, the average repair cost for pothole damage to a vehicle is $300. Potholes also pose a hazard when drivers swerve outside their lanes to avoid potholes.

For business owners, potholes can be a liability issue if they cause personal or property damage. For the safety and well-being of everyone, fixing potholes in the early stages—or even when they are just cracks in the asphalt—is critical. Just like “a stitch in time saves nine,” fixing potholes in the early stages saves time, labor, and money.
At Tucker Paving, we’ve tackled asphalt paving projects big and small. Contact us today online or call 863-299-2262 for asphalt paving services from patching potholes and cracks to paving entire parking lots and roadways.

Safety Is the Top Priority at Tucker Paving

Safety for our team members is our first priority on every jobsite at Tucker Paving. There are hazards within a jobsite and outside a work zone that must be mitigated to ensure the end of the workday sees all team members heading home to families and loved ones. We follow protocols and rules set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) to ensure our team members’ safety.  Continue reading Safety Is the Top Priority at Tucker Paving

Safety Tips for Driving Through Work Zones

Drivers should follow these tips when driving through construction and work zones to ensure everyone stays safe.

Nobody particularly likes driving through work zones, but taking care while sharing the road requires that drivers follow traffic and work zone rules so workers and drivers get home safely at the end of the day. At Tucker Paving, we are committed to on-the-job safety, and that includes situations when a job site includes road work. Continue reading Safety Tips for Driving Through Work Zones

What Does the Striping Mean On Our Roadways?

Some people think all they need to know about the striping on the roads—also called road lines—is “to keep it between the mustard and the mayonnaise.” That is, between the yellow center line and the white line of the shoulder. However, the lines in the road give information and instructions on what drivers can and cannot do while driving, and every driver with a valid license is expected to know the rules of the road, including the meanings of the lines. Continue reading What Does the Striping Mean On Our Roadways?

Using PPE Away From the Jobsite

At work it’s always ‘safety first,’ but at home, no one is there to make sure you are being safe, taking precautions, and wearing your Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE. However, using PPE at home is important too. Accidents and injuries can occur around the home as easily as at a shop or jobsite, so it’s vital that we take the same precautions in protecting ourselves while working around the house as we do at work. Continue reading Using PPE Away From the Jobsite

Tucker Paving’s model safety record gets new attention with magazine article

TUCKER PAVING’S consistently excellent work safety record continues to get widespread notice and billing as a top model for all construction-related enterprises to emulate. Continue reading Tucker Paving’s model safety record gets new attention with magazine article

Thoughts along the path to an excellent safety culture

A LOT HAS BEEN WRITTEN and discussed about the “safety culture” and its relevance in business and, really, its relevance within any organizational structure. We like to think here at Tucker Paving, Inc., that we have an excellent safety culture, and we have the numbers to back up that conclusion. In June last year, we celebrated more than a million man-hours of work without a single loss-time accident, and so far since then we’ve maintained that very positive course. Continue reading Thoughts along the path to an excellent safety culture