IT’S ALWAYS NICE when a company is recognized for its growth, it’s business achievements, and its contributions to the local economy, business sector, and community as a whole. It’s nice when our company, Tucker Paving, Inc., is recognized.

Tucker Paving has been blessed with the receipt of numerous awards — many of them for quality or innovative construction work — and certificates of recognition throughout its 23-plus-year history. An award that especially means a lot to company management is the one we received in November 2005. It was the 2005 Gold Cup of Industry Award for large business, an honor presented by the former East Polk Committee of 100, an economic development organization. (The Gold Cup winner for small business that year was Emerson Trailers of Winter Haven and formerly of Lake Alfred.)

Here’s what The (Lakeland) Ledger newspaper reported about Tucker Paving and it’s Gold Cup of Industry Award:

“Another father-son business (Emerson Trailers was the other) based in Winter Haven, won the Gold Cup of Industry Award for large business.

“This company plays a significant role in the economic development of this area,” said Todd Dantzler of Choice-Dantzler Properties, Inc. (and now a Polk County commissioner for District 4). ‘Tucker Paving started out with two employees and borrowed equipment and now has projected 2005 sales of $14 million.’

“Tucker Construction & Engineering, owned by Larry Tucker, is a past Gold Cup winner (1986), but Tucker said this year’s award is almost entirely the result of the work done by his son, Larry ‘Chip’ Tucker, Jr.

“ ‘I am so proud of him. I couldn’t be more proud of my son,’ the father said.”

That award came more than 12 years ago. We at Tucker Paving didn’t rest on our laurels then, and we don’t rest on any laurels now. Our primary goal is not to earn nice trophies and plaques but to provide our customers with the very best in construction work and service.

While we’re on the subject of awards, we would like to use a little space to honor the most recent winners of the top business awards presented by the Greater Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce, which we’re proud to support as a member each year.

Industry of the Year Award for Large Business (companies with more than 100 employees)

  • 2017 — Citizens Bank & Trust
  • 2016 — Central Florida Health Care
  • 2015 — MidFlorida Credit Union
  • 2014 — The Results Companies
  • 2013 — Brown International Corp.

Industry of the Year Award for Small Business (companies with fewer than 100 employees)

  • 2017 — Heart and Vascular Institute of Florida
  • 2016 — Brooks Law Group
  • 2015 — Burr Printing
  • 2014 — ASAP Advertising Solutions and Printing
  • 2013 — Orchid Springs Animal Hospital